How do Transport Things from the Office In Dubai?

Moving an office is a troublesome task. but dont worry Professional moving company in Dubai is here. You need to pack all office equipment, furniture in advance, find a car, move with experience. To develop a plan for moving important documents in several stages or in one day. It is difficult to organize the process without the involvement of specialists. You need to disassemble the cabinets yourself, fold the chairs. So to buy special containers to protect valuables from damage.
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Preparing The Office for The Move.

Main Stages

Organization of office Relocation Requires Experience. So as not to Miss important Moments, not to delay the process.
It is easier to divide the task into stages:
We draw up a detailed plan of the commercial premises. All workplaces, furniture, appliances. Then we determine where the transported things will locate in the new office. We analyse the capacity of the cabinet for moving items. You need to move the office to the appropriate footage of the building. Otherwise, there will be a problem with the placement of work areas. Specify in advance the number of window openings, sockets, the location of communications. This will allow you to complete things for each office even during loading.
The volume of transportation. You need to know to choose the appropriate type of transport. It’s carrying capacity, and dimensions. Moving to another office for a short distance within the same district. The city can arrange by light-duty car, make 2 trips. If the volume of things is large, more than 4 trips are must it is better to hire 2 cars. It is more profitable to move long distances on vehicles. But with increased capacity to deliver all the items.
Moving office furniture with large dimensions, weight.  A team of loaders needs. The number of people depends on the expected scope of work. The team will take care of the removal of equipment and furniture. So proper loading, fastening inside the car. So unloading. They can disassemble large items, offer their own packaging.
Dismantling of furniture – moving the company to a new office should not cause damage to the owner. In order not to damage objects. It is worth dismantling shelves, cabinet doors in advance, removing countertops, side elements. Structures that have an elongated smooth surface can stacks and fixed. This is a guarantee that they will not break on the way, chips and cracks will not appear. Moving furniture unassembled is more difficult. The risk of damage to property is higher. Remove fittings, glass components, shelves in advance. Attach the doors to the body with adhesive tape.
The choice of packaging material. It should protect office equipment, valuables, papers. So from moisture, dirt, dust, high temperatures if the move is long. For smooth surfaces, stretch film or corrugated board sheets use. Office chairs, chairs can stacked (one to one) or in pairs, then wrapped with foil.
Marking boxes and packages.  put labels that will correspond to the cabinet where you want to place items. It will be easier for movers to navigate if they know the office relocation plan. Time will reduce, during assembly. It will not be necessary to look for the components of the structure.
Placement of transported goods is the final stage. When you need to assemble furniture, unpack equipment, and place it in the workplace.
If you choose There will be no difficulties with the question of how to organize an office relocation. The whole event will take 1 day. If you involve a cheap movers & packers in Dubai. That will coordinate. the actions of loaders, drivers, company administrators for a few hours. Bonus – the company takes responsibility for the safety of goods
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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mover in Dubai

The question of the budget can present a serious reason. So, for ruling out the “Professional Movers in Dubai” option for more than one candidate for the move. But if the best method is the one that suits you best and adapted to your case. The advantages of hiring a professional mover cannot ignore. Because they are not the least.

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First of all, hiring a Professional moving company in Dubai. Exempts you from all the tasks relating to the move or at least those. That you do not want to take care of, because it is quite possible to do tailor-made with the service of moving house. Calling on a team of professional movers allows you to use your time. Such as honouring other commitments. finding new schools for the children taking care of a transfer etc.

Instead of having to struggle in the stages of the move. Such as the protection of furniture and the packing of things, for example.

This option also allows you to live the event more by avoiding in particular fatigue. So injuries caused by the tasks relating to it and by being less stressed at the idea of ​​this move.

The possibility of incidents. That may occur during a move is one of the most stressful things for those involved. But with a professional mover, the risks are lower precisely given his professionalism and it is also possible to call on a specialised mover if necessary (moving a piano, works of art, etc.). We are also aware. That good professional mover benefits from insurance against. These incidents and this will also be the case for all your belongings which he ensures the move. This is the case with the partners of in the event of alteration, loss, or theft of your belongings. You will receive compensation unless you are the cause of the incident.

This option is advantageous because the team of movers will come with all the equipment and all the accessories necessary for your move according to accessibility, the nature of the business to be moved… and you will not have to think about renting these accessories and equipment. These movers master the essential moving techniques. (Packing, unpacking, loading, etc.) So are better placed to use the accessories. So, the equipment required for your move and to drive a moving truck.

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You have to leave your home, but you are not yet moving into your new home, it can take weeks or even months, let us guide you! Because AS a we are the best Storage services in Dubai

movers & packers in Dubai
movers & packers in Dubai

How to Choose Your Furniture Storage?

To manage this transition period. Which can be a source of stress, but also of confusion, it is necessary to call on professionals. First, movers for transport and a storage unit to store all or part of what. You cannot store in your temporary accommodation.

There are Several Types of Cabinets:

The boxes

The classic furniture storage like the one we offer is an ultra-secure storage place. It can adapt to your needs and several box sizes are available to you. But, must note that you cannot access your belongings. It is a secure warehouse and the boxes can only take out on the day they need to empty.

Here are the Types of Boxes We Offer

4m3: This box can. For example contains a 3-seater sofa, an armchair, and 2 standard household appliances

8m3: This box can. For example contain a 3-seater sofa, an armchair, a bed, and 2 standard household appliances

12m3: This box can for example contain a 3-seater sofa, an armchair, a double bed, and 3 household appliances

Beyond that, we can make you a space dedicated to your needs.


This type of service is usually run by a professional company. You can go there at any time, and the storage time unlimited. Often it is a monthly or annual subscription. It’s depending on your needs, these boxes come in different sizes

It is a room that the warehouse makes available to you for you to exploit as you wish.

Finally, make sure your storage provides insurance and find out what it includes. If you wish to have an estimate about your move and furniture storage. Then do not hesitate to make your request on our site.


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Your Move Can Give You a Fresh Start

A move is not a change of accommodation. The majority of clients move for a very specific reason. Which may relate to a new job, a birth, a separation, or quite a desire for change. Moving is so synonymous with a “new start”. And this is the perfect opportunity to establish a big change and upset our bad habits. Here are some tips to help you start fresh after the move. Because we are Professional moving company in Dubai


movers & packers in Dubai
movers & packers in Dubai

An Eco-Responsible Lifestyle

This is a theme that is rarely discussed but which is still very important in our time. And if your move allows you to have a more responsible mode of energy consumption?

This question must ask before your move. How to favor solutions that are both cheap and ecological? We know that green energy does not enjoy the good press. Often associated with energy that is too expensive or even inefficient. So let us prove you the contrary.

Rank Green Electricity

Reducing your ecological footprint is never easy, so try to do it little by little. The move can thus be the starting point for this change. It will be necessary on the one hand to end your electricity contract and so to subscribe to a new contract. It is this opportunity that must seize to switch to green energy.

But first, what is green energy? To put it. We can say that these are energy sources. That either does not pollute or very little compared to other energy sources. Thus, green energies are energies. Those are renewed, which gives them this “sustainable” characteristic.

Moreover, since 2007, several green energy suppliers have entered the market. So, some offer an efficient alternative. Yet, to better inform. You about your move & your new connection. We tell you to take a look at the Website. Especially if you are building a house. So, to want to embark on an installation for. The production of photovoltaic energy or self-consumption.

To Consume Better, Consume

After your move. It may be an opportunity to learn how to consume more to support the economy of small traders. While favouring a short circuit that allows you to have better quality for your products. So do not hesitate to find out about social networks by integrating groups in your city. Your neighbourhood, or even by doing research on Google for example.


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“I move, thus I organize myself,” said Descartes, a distant cousin of the famous Descartes. Well, as for the source, we may not be sure, but as for the quote, there’s no doubt it’s true! we as a best mover & packers in Dubai do this daily basis

movers & packers in Dubai
movers & packers in Dubai

As you will have understood, we are going to talk about the organisation in the move. This is the key to any successful move. Are you wondering how to expect your move? what are the administrative procedures or how to organize yourself? Then this article is for you, Miss Moving will never let you down! That’s why we’re going to give you some tips so that you can get organised.


Step 1: Before the Move

  1. Inform your lessor respecting the notice period (1 to 3 months), then carry out an inventory.
  2. Look at your agenda: Plan your move for a week. When you are less crowded. Also, check if the conventional provisions of your company can grant you one or more days off.
  3. Inform your energy suppliers to take steps with suppliers. But also with other services such as the bank, operators, etc.
  4. Look for schools for your children. Inform the school administration of the move. So look for nearby establishments to put. Them in contact with to ease the integration of your children.
  5. Sort out your belongings. So to have an exact volume and thus an estimate that meets your needs, must that you know what you have to transport. Take into account all that you have to move, but also plan for any new purchases.

Step 2: Cubage

  1. The second step is to help you find the right estimate, but also the right formula that suits your needs.
  2. 20m2= about 10m3
  3. But the opinion of an expert is essential to confirm your cubage. Do not hesitate to contact us to establish a free estimate at your home. At the end of this step, you can choose the type of formula we offer.
  4. Once all this do. You have to prepare for the move. So arm yourself with your rolls of tape. Your most beautiful boxes (recycled) and tape faster than your shadow.


Step 3: Organising the Boxes

  1. Organising boxes is an art, the goal is to achieve the ultimate balance… Don’t worry, we have the secret (which will reveal to you)
  2. The boxes will stack. it is necessary to prevent them from collapsing. So to distribute the weight and avoid empty spaces inside.
  3. Organize your boxes according to the place and the types of objects, at this level, we leave you artistic freedom, express yourself as you want, color code, marking, sticker…
  4. Do not mix fragile objects with heavy objects.
  5. Do not make boxes too heavy.
  6. Once you have organised your boxes. You must now clean your furniture and dismantle it if necessary. (If you have selected a luxury or standard formula. Then this step will take care of by our movers according to your formula.)

Step 4: How to Disassemble your Furniture

  1. After several attempts. You realised that magic powers do not exist. You made the sad observation: you will have to dismantle your furniture yourself.
  2. For the occasion, You’ve armed yourself with your hammer. Your screwdriver & your finest toolbox. A veritable arsenal of a 16th-century dentist. All this to get rid of your cupboard (, if you’ve taken the standard or luxury formula. Our movers will take care of this step)
  3. 1 / The first step is to completely empty the furniture in question. Once emptied take advantage of a quick cleaning to avoid breathing dust.
  4. 2/Take a picture of it (don’t go so far on asking it for an autograph, a simple photo is enough.) to be able to locate yourself or review certain details when you have to reassemble it. Finally, using pellets or post-it (taped) numbered. The locations, do not hesitate to describe on a sheet the stages of.
  5. 3/Gather the hardware in a small freezer bag and label the bag (Ex: living room cupboard). Don’t lose any screws and throw away any parts. Finally, assemble all the small bags in a single box that you will keep in your belongings.
  6. 4/Protect your boards and drawers from any knocks, scratches, or dirt. Nothing could be simpler, take a protective sheet or bubble wrap. (Insist on the edges and sensitive areas, especially if the door contains a mirror.

Here, here, we have done the trick, be patient and organize your dismantling over a few days. Be aware that despite everything. Miss Moving can take care of the dismantling of the most technical or bulky furniture. So do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to meet your needs. For more info click

Movers and Packers in Dubai


The title is touting, we grant you, but it is for preventive purposes promised. We know that a move can be a very stressful step for clients. It can quickly become a nightmare if it is done by impostors or worse.

movers & packers in Dubai
movers & packers in Dubai

First of all,

you should know that being a best mover in Dubai is a difficult job. That requires know-how and equipment for the move to be successful rather we are talking about Office Relocation in Dubai or Villa Movers in Dubai?  but not only! The exercise of the profession of mover is very regulated and as such, the choice of your company must be based on legal elements which will ensure you security at all levels.

A moving company must be registered in the trade and company register and also in the register of carriers, this guarantees that it complies with the conditions linked to the good practice of the profession, it is therefore essential to have a look at this first point to choose your mover, because he will be the guarantor of your furniture and objects during the entire move.

The regulations require a lot of seriousness and professionalism, and this is obviously not to everyone’s taste, which is why you have to be wary of abnormally low prices, because in reality, they may correspond to illegal practices.

2nd advice: Be Vigilant About the Offers of Moving Platforms

Beware of platforms offering cheap Removals in Dubai such as we can find on Facebook. It is a perfect niche for movers who come into contact with customers to make them attractive offers and unfortunately many uninformed people fall into the trap.

Even beyond the danger for them and for their business. Attracted by the offer, they participate in supplying an illegal market, and very often find themselves victims of theft.

3rd advice: The Trap of Far Too Low Prices 

Undeclared work: If you come across overly attractive offers, it is more than likely that you will be dealing with undeclared work. “And what does that imply?” you would tell me.

Well, it’s simple, as we said above, a mover is guarantor of your furniture and as such, several costs are incurred (and not only the insurance), without its costs, you put in risk your property and that can cost you much more than a move done properly. You will have no insurance in the event of damage, no service and you even expose yourself to theft without any means of recourse … Worse, you can even be recognized as co-responsible in the event of damage committed against third parties.