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As part of the move, or, you can order services for the packaging of furniture and personal belongings. A variety of packaging materials allows. You to pack the furniture with the highest quality and ensure that all things remain intact and safe. If you do not have time to pack furniture. So, we who are cheap movers in Dubai will help you. Each piece of furniture packed according to proven technology using special packaging materials.

Packaging Materials

Air bubble film

movers & packers in Dubai
movers & packers in Dubai
Dimensions: 1.2 mx 50 m
Price per roll: As per Required length

Carton boxes

packers & movers in Dubai
Dimensions: 490 * 290 * 320 620 * 370 * 320 610 * 410 * 450 500 * 500 * 1500
Price As per Sized Price As per Sized Price As per Sized Price As per Sized Price As per Sized



movers & packers in Dubai
Dimensions: 48 mm x 66 m
Price for 1 piece as per Roll used


We Can Also Offer you the following Packaging

Materials during Moving your House, Villa, or Office.


So, cooperation with us opens up excellent prospects for you.

One of them is that. We provide the necessary packaging material. There is no need to run to the store for scotch tape at the most inopportune moment. And the other perspective is even better than the first. We can pack your furniture in high quality ourselves. After all, what to do with your soul. If you organize the move on your own. Then most often the cabinets are not disassembled but put into the gazelle as they are

It is good if, during the move. The furniture inside the car will fixed, but if it put, and all the long way, one product will touch another? You will arrive at the new office with very old furniture that will lose its presentation. To avoid this, it is necessary not only to disassemble the furniture, but also to pack it with high quality. That is why we always have with us polyethylene, film – stretch, Parallon and sheets of gypsum cardboard.

We know well the packaging scheme for any product. We can guarantee that with our packaging. The furniture will remain in its original form. Also, we will complete this work much faster than non-professionals. You can spend your efforts on more important activities. For example, preparation of contracts, or negotiations with contacts.

We provide the following services for disassembling and assembling furniture