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Moving is Always a New Stage. In Anticipation of the Long-Awaited Housewarming, The Family Packs their Things. As a Rule, this is Associated with the Expansion of the Company’s Staff and is Associated with Positive Expectations and a New Round of Development of the Company. But is Everything Really that Smooth?

In the minds of many, moving is associated with no less than a natural disaster. Even the most persistent soul sometimes sinks into the heels when it comes to understanding how much needs to be done before moving to a new place. But is the situation really so fatal? No, today there are ways to get rid of the fear of seemingly inevitable difficulties and move in peace and comfort. The modern market offers Handyman Moving Services.

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Move is Not Just Furniture Transportation

It is not enough to carry a family headset or an executive chair in order to exhale and say: “The move has taken place!” How to quickly transport everything that is acquired by back-breaking labor, and at the same time have fun? Most of us get used to our place of residence, which is why we worry when we have to change location.

We Budget Movers in Dubai is a comprehensive service. There are specialized moving companies that minimize the moral and psychological costs of future new settlers and take on all the tasks associated with moving from point A to point B.

Moving begins with furniture disassembly. Yes, you can cope with this task yourself, but what if the furniture was assembled many years ago, and there was no carpenter’s and engineer’s kit in the house? And how much time do you need to spend in the event of an office move to disassemble a dozen 

computer desks and a reception desk in addition?

Once the furniture has been disassembled and folded, it’s time to pack it. Those who have moved at least once probably remember their emotions when a truck with things abruptly stops at a traffic light and a suspicious sound in the back makes you worry about a precious TV wrapped in a blanket.

And if we talk about the office? Here there is more technique and it requires an even more careful, in the 

literal sense of the quivering, attitude. There is no doubt that curtains, scotch tape and cardboard boxes are a tribute to tradition, but today there are more modern packaging materials. Air bubble wrap, stretch wrap, special boxes 

will help keep things safe and sound. Superbudgetmovers.ae 

includes packing things, which allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

save time and not pack the twenty-fifth box in a row the night before;

to remain confident that things will be delivered safe and sound and the move will not be overshadowed by unpleasant surprises.

On a Note

In order to quickly find a box with the necessary contents after transporting property, it is worth marking them in advance. For example, put red stickers on boxes with things from the living room, green stickers with kitchen utensils, and designate things from the bedroom with blue stickers. The situation is similar with office relocation. We glue red stickers on the boxes for the marketing department, mark the accounting department in green, and the technical operation in blue. This will help you navigate a new place much faster. You can also mark the boxes with the essentials with big red inscriptions on all sides: “Open this first [2] !”

Done, take it out!

When everything is securely packed, it’s time for loading. Small things and boxes are put at the end. It would be wise to follow the work of specialists and ask them to load boxes with the most necessary things in the first batch. They will be unloaded last on site, and this will help save time searching.

Ideally, the next stage of direct transportation of things will allow you to exhale and relax a little. The main trouble that is possible during transportation is traffic jams, but this cannot be influenced in any way.

When the road is behind, it’s time to unload. When moving an apartment or office on a turnkey basis, the experts of the moving company will not only take furniture and equipment out of the car, but also lift and bring your property into the premises. Have your keys ready and make sure you have access in advance to clear the space you need.

Who will disassemble?

When ordering a turnkey moving service, you will not need to test yourself for strength in the fight against sealed boxes. Representatives of the company will not only bring in things – they will unpack them and arrange everything as the customer wishes. Thus, in just one day, things were transported. Everything is already in its place, and the fuss is several times less than it could be with an independent move.

Many people here consider the move to be almost a natural disaster, but, for example, the average American moves about 12 times during his life. Don’t like your place of residence, cramped office, far to get to work? There is only one answer – it’s time to move.

How to Choose a Moving Company?

So, we made sure that we as Best movers in Dubai can make the process of changing an office or place of residence, if not pleasant, then minimally troublesome. But for this it is important to choose the right moving company. There are hundreds of similar companies on the market, and how can you find one among them that provides high quality services? What should you pay attention to?

Qualifications and Number of Workers

If you need to move on a Friday night and there are no movers, it’s a bad sign. If a company does not work early in the morning or late in the evening, or it has such a busy schedule that “everything is scheduled for a week, wait” – this is also a reason to think. It is worth paying attention to the willingness to provide services at a convenient time for the customer (and not the company).

Service list. It is necessary to transport an elephant – will they do it? Are you ready to take the piano out of the bushes and bring it into the others? After all, not everyone needs to transport family property or a small office. How about rigging and careful dismantling of equipment? Pack an office for 100 people in a couple of hours? If the company can cope with any such task, then the customer is not in danger of such troubles as a lack of professional equipment or a shortage of workers.

Car Park

You can save money and move on an old “gazelle”. But how will your favorite sofa feel in it? And the office staff will surely be upset when their chairs arrive dirty and rumpled. The presence of a moving company with serviceable cars that undergo regular cleaning of transportation spaces will help the customer get rid of the headache associated with the safety of property.


Does the company work without a contract? In this case, you will have to take their word for it, but in our time, unfortunately, it is inexpensive. A transparently drafted agreement may not be useful at all, but if something goes wrong, it will prove to be very useful.

Reviews About the Work of the Mover Company

It is worth carefully reading them and paying special attention to how customers assess the condition of the machines, the punctuality of the contractor, and communication with the support service. At the same time, it will be useful to read about the staff. For example, you will have to spend the whole day with movers and drivers when moving. Therefore, it is important how polite and executive they are.

Fixed Prices

If the company is not able to immediately announce the cost of the services you need when specifying all the initial data, most likely the final price will be overstated. Knowing the approximate number of things, the distance from point A to point B, opening hours and a list of additional services, you can calculate the cost of moving with an accuracy of 100%.

Prices for Services So that Moving does not Hit your Pocket

This is not to say that moving is a matter of three kopecks and you can organize it at least every day. It is unfair to argue that this is an expensive pleasure available only to a select few, and an “ordinary” person should turn to his great-uncle with an old truck.


The company will provide a car suitable for your move and explain in detail the algorithm for calculating the cost. A car with a body volume from 8 to 12 m 3 will cost approximately 830 rubles per hour. More body – more price. A truck with a capacity of 20 to 36 m 3 will cost about 1000 rubles per hour of work [4]… Add to this the minimum number of hours for an order, add an hour for unforeseen circumstances, think about a set of additional services. And don’t forget about the movers: the cost of their work is, as a rule, the bulk of the total cost of moving. In the process of loading and unloading property, usually not two or even three such specialists are involved. The total cost of a turnkey move is calculated based on all of the above components.

In Dubai the annual turnover of the moving services market for the last year amounted to 23 billion AED The figure is impressive, but there are a huge number of companies that are ready to organize the relocation of an apartment or office. You can choose based solely on the cost of services, and it seems to even save a lot. However, there is a risk of later encountering unpleasant surprises. Or you can take the task of moving with particular seriousness. It only seems at first that the move is just the transportation of furniture. In reality, expensive things will move in all senses, so the savings should be not only economical, but also reasonable.