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“I move, thus I organize myself,” said Descartes, a distant cousin of the famous Descartes. Well, as for the source, we may not be sure, but as for the quote, there’s no doubt it’s true! we as a best mover & packers in Dubai do this daily basis

movers & packers in Dubai
movers & packers in Dubai

As you will have understood, we are going to talk about the organisation in the move. This is the key to any successful move. Are you wondering how to expect your move? what are the administrative procedures or how to organize yourself? Then this article is for you, Miss Moving will never let you down! That’s why we’re going to give you some tips so that you can get organised.


Step 1: Before the Move

  1. Inform your lessor respecting the notice period (1 to 3 months), then carry out an inventory.
  2. Look at your agenda: Plan your move for a week. When you are less crowded. Also, check if the conventional provisions of your company can grant you one or more days off.
  3. Inform your energy suppliers to take steps with suppliers. But also with other services such as the bank, operators, etc.
  4. Look for schools for your children. Inform the school administration of the move. So look for nearby establishments to put. Them in contact with to ease the integration of your children.
  5. Sort out your belongings. So to have an exact volume and thus an estimate that meets your needs, must that you know what you have to transport. Take into account all that you have to move, but also plan for any new purchases.

Step 2: Cubage

  1. The second step is to help you find the right estimate, but also the right formula that suits your needs.
  2. 20m2= about 10m3
  3. But the opinion of an expert is essential to confirm your cubage. Do not hesitate to contact us to establish a free estimate at your home. At the end of this step, you can choose the type of formula we offer.
  4. Once all this do. You have to prepare for the move. So arm yourself with your rolls of tape. Your most beautiful boxes (recycled) and tape faster than your shadow.


Step 3: Organising the Boxes

  1. Organising boxes is an art, the goal is to achieve the ultimate balance… Don’t worry, we have the secret (which superbudgetmovers.ae will reveal to you)
  2. The boxes will stack. it is necessary to prevent them from collapsing. So to distribute the weight and avoid empty spaces inside.
  3. Organize your boxes according to the place and the types of objects, at this level, we leave you artistic freedom, express yourself as you want, color code, marking, sticker…
  4. Do not mix fragile objects with heavy objects.
  5. Do not make boxes too heavy.
  6. Once you have organised your boxes. You must now clean your furniture and dismantle it if necessary. (If you have selected a luxury or standard formula. Then this step will take care of by our movers according to your formula.)

Step 4: How to Disassemble your Furniture

  1. After several attempts. You realised that magic powers do not exist. You made the sad observation: you will have to dismantle your furniture yourself.
  2. For the occasion, You’ve armed yourself with your hammer. Your screwdriver & your finest toolbox. A veritable arsenal of a 16th-century dentist. All this to get rid of your cupboard (, if you’ve taken the standard or luxury formula. Our movers will take care of this step)
  3. 1 / The first step is to completely empty the furniture in question. Once emptied take advantage of a quick cleaning to avoid breathing dust.
  4. 2/Take a picture of it (don’t go so far on asking it for an autograph, a simple photo is enough.) to be able to locate yourself or review certain details when you have to reassemble it. Finally, using pellets or post-it (taped) numbered. The locations, do not hesitate to describe on a sheet the stages of.
  5. 3/Gather the hardware in a small freezer bag and label the bag (Ex: living room cupboard). Don’t lose any screws and throw away any parts. Finally, assemble all the small bags in a single box that you will keep in your belongings.
  6. 4/Protect your boards and drawers from any knocks, scratches, or dirt. Nothing could be simpler, take a protective sheet or bubble wrap. (Insist on the edges and sensitive areas, especially if the door contains a mirror.

Here, here, we have done the trick, be patient and organize your dismantling over a few days. Be aware that despite everything. Miss Moving can take care of the dismantling of the most technical or bulky furniture. So do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to meet your needs. For more info click