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Movers in Dubai offers full inclusive moving services, packing, removal, relocation, furniture movers, local movers, self storage Services, included packaging and covering of your stuff and things for the journey. Moving is highly challenging experience and its objective is to passionately fulfill task that your exclusion is carried out as effortlessly and inventively as possible with Top Best Movers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Movers in UAE is a fully licensed and insured moving company and providing insurance. Movers and packers in Dubai are a professional moving company in Dubai, who takes the hassle of your moving process from beginning to its completion. Best Movers and Packers in Dubai know saying goodbye to your old villa is not easy as all have emotional attachments with our old villa and flat. Therefore, Top Best Movers work intelligently and smartly to turn the things according to your moving expectations to your new destination. Best movers UAE are one of the top-rated villa Movers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Choose your Moving Company in Dubai ?

Moving companies offer a wide variety of services at varying prices. Before choosing, do not neglect the visit of the sales representative. Compare the quotes and ask all your questions. Check our Prices on Movers & Packers


  • The Essential Quote
  • The Essential Preliminary Visit
  • Form an Opinion of the Moving Company
  • The Different Moving Formulas
  • Scrutinize the Quote/Price
  • Return the Signed Quote
  • Be Present on Moving day without being Cumbersome
  • In Case of the Problem
  • To Know about the Move

As a best Packers & Movers in Dubai we tell you that  Broken furniture, flown truck, small or large thefts. Not all removals go without breakage! It is thus necessary to be well informed before entrusting your furniture to a company & to do it in advance. One month small, and more then two months in summer or at the end of December. These latter periods are the most popular and prices increase by up to 50%.

The Essential Quote

Get quotes from three companies. To select them, word of mouth remains one of the best avenues. But there are endless lists of companies on the Internet. First of all, check their registration in the commercial register. That of road haulers. Prefer those who affiliated with the Government or the Dubai Federation of Movers or, better yet. Those who have an Afnor NF Service certification. Beware of the free newspaper classifieds. On the Internet, there are also more and more sites offering online quotes. Once the practical and technical elements have entered. The site forwards them to various companies. Which then contact you to make an appointment and establish a quote.

Please note: the sites do not guarantee or verify the quality of the companies which adhere to them. Avoid companies that offer quotes without a prior visit. Finally, be aware that a freelance mover can be as competent and less expensive. Then one belonging to a chain. But, in the event of a distant move, transport costs are often lower through companies. That have branches throughout in Dubai.

The Essential Preliminary Visit

The visit is essential to establish a fair estimate. Which is always free. It carried out by a salesperson. Who estimates the volume of your move, going from the cellar to the attic. Through the cupboards and the garden shed. He assesses the difficulties (piano, fragile objects, plants, furniture to be dismantled, access, parking, use of a freight elevator, dimensions of the elevator, etc.). It is up to you to tell him about any problems at the place of arrival. Any additional cost due to your forgetting will be invoiced … and often at a full price.

Form an Opinion of the Moving Company

This visit also allows you to form an opinion on the company. (punctuality, efficiency, precision). So to ask the questions. That you will have Before listed. Availability, deadlines, details of services, guarantees, insurance, etc.

Beware of the expeditious or overconfident salesperson: he is not the one who will carry.

The salesperson then offers you the different formulas. Offered by his Company, from which you will have to choose. To know the price of the move, you must wait to receive the quotes (by email or mail).

The Different Moving Formulas

If you choose the cheapest option. The company supplies cardboard and adhesive a few weeks in advance. You pack everything. (linen, books, dishes, knick-knacks, etc.) and dismantle and reassemble your furniture. The mover only carries out transport and handling. In the standard formula. Which is most often chosen, you pack everything in the boxes provided by the mover. But he takes care of the dishes and fragile objects. (packaging and unpacking), The dismantling and of the furniture. Finally, with the most expensive option. It is the movers who take care of everything. Packing, putting clothes on portable wardrobes, dismantling, reassembling the furniture. The removal of chandeliers and rods remains your responsibility. But it can offer as an option.

Something New in the Moving Sector

Some companies offer an alternative. That mixes professional moving and moving with friends participatory moving. You enjoy the help and support of a few professionals while participating in the effort. The advantage moving cheaper and guided by an expert. The packaging, the protection of your objects, & the movement of fragile furniture. That is not something that you have mastered.

Scrutinize the Quote

When you receive the quotes, check them carefully. Company references, detailed description of the services, the volume of furniture, date, places and distance, price and terms of payment (generally 30% when ordering, the balance when delivery), the value of the furniture, guarantee rate, general conditions of sale and specific items (furniture lift, additional options, etc.). Finally, be aware that there is often room for financial negotiation. Especially in off-peak periods… Do not delay in making your choice, because the agendas fill up.

Return the Signed Quote

Then, you must return the signed estimate, pay the deposit. And complete the declaration of value under penalty of nullity of the contract. It determines part of the price since a rate applied according to the amounts declared. It specifies the total value of the assets entrusted to the mover. Which makes it possible to compensate in the event of the theft of the truck. For example: do not underestimate it.

Also, to avoid detailing everything. The company sets a max compensation amount per object. (variable depending on the company). A separate declaration must completed for objects or furniture that exceed this limit. Check your home insurance contract beforehand. Some formulas cover all your property when moving.

Be Present on Moving Day without being Cumbersome

On D-Day, once everything packed. you must sign and give the team leader a consignment note to prove that you allow him to transport your goods. It includes the name of the customer, addresses, dates, and stages, volume, Authorisation’s so the declaration of value. After receiving the furniture, take a tour of the premises with the team leader. Check the execution of the estimate. (unpacking, etc.). The condition of the furniture (especially examine the most fragile or expensive objects).

If you do not notice any problem, sign the end of work declaration (which can found with the consignment note). If any items are missing or damaged, you must say your clear and detailed reserves.

In Case of the Problem

If you have made reservations. They must confirm. (as well as the amount of the goods, justified by invoices, expertise, or other). By registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. within ten calendar days.

Then you have one year to take the case to court. The mover will not hold liable in the event of fault by the customer or force. (theft with aggression, accident without company responsibility, unpredictable weather conditions, etc.). Or “inherent defect” (a worm-eaten cabinet, for example).

Finally, if you satisfied, all you have to do is the tip. (if you wish) Pay the balance against the invoice… and roll up your sleeves!

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