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Painting your Apartment,Offices

Refresh, repaint, give colour to the walls So many maintenance actions that allow you to feel good in a house or an apartment. But, in the context of a rental, several fundamental questions arise: who pays for the painting? What are the respective obligations of the lessor & tenant?

Deco side and practical realization. should you carry out the painting work yourself or Call on Professional. What budget and what time should I plan? Here are the answers to the main legal and practical questions related to painting in a rental.

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Maintenance of the Rental & Exemption from the Rent

During the lease, it is possible. That the owner offers his tenant a reduction in the rent. (for one or more months) In exchange for work in the accommodation. The article 6 of law affirms indeed that “the parts can agree by an express clause of the work. Which the tenant will carry out or make carry out and the modalities of their imputation on the rent. This arrangement may be judicious for a handyman tenant who would like to save money. But, there are some rules to follow and write everything in black and white. About the cost of work (accepted by both parties) in the rental. This must correspond to the amount of the franchise granted by the lessor.

Good to know: this work can only relate to the maintenance of the rented goods. (painting, carpet, various fittings). Only serve to improve the rental. (the habitability criterion must fulfilled at the time of the signing of the lease).

What Happens When the Paint Faded at the End of the Lease?

When a painting is totally faded at the end of the lease (despite the tenant’s normal maintenance duty), the law considers this to be a normal fact, due to the passage of time … owner wishes to refresh it, this will be at his own expense.

Does a Tenant have the Right to Repaint the Walls to Personalize their habitat?

The Rented Property is in Decent Condition, But your Tenant wants to give it a Personal Touch?

The relevant legislation says that you cannot oppose it. Painting work in a rental is in fact simple arrangements. That a tenant can carry out without seeking the agreement of the lessor. Blue, Pink, Red, Light BurgundyMauve Beware of these colors. Which have deemed eccentric by case law Instead, opt for a single section of wall in gray, yellow, beige … These allowed and will give your apartment allure. Your tenant thus has the right, but of course at his own expense, to repaint the walls of the apartment he is renting. The only limits are that of the color. Which must not be “extravagant” and not “prevent a normal habitability” of the place.

Painting Tenant’s Maintenance Obligation

According to the tenant must. Keep clean and maintain the ceilings, walls, partitions, floor coverings, cupboards, baseboards, moldings. In the event of holes or stains. The tenant makes at his own expense. Small connections of paintings, tapestries, earthenware, mosaic, plastic, carpet, linoleum. Even some parquet slats or small pieces of carpentry for the baseboards.

In summary during the lease. The tenant must So take charge of minor painting work. But under no circumstances a complete renovation of the apartment. Upon departure the tenant is not obliged to repaint in the original color. The judges affirm that the choice of original colors cannot reproached. To the tenants, insofar as they are not eccentric and do not prevent “A Normal Habitability”.

Painting an Apartment What are the Prices Charged by Professionals?

The question of who pays what resolved, remains to addressed. The cost of realization. If you are not a handyman, call in the professionals, the result will be impeccable. If you want to repaint your entire apartment. For example, it is best to get a detailed quote from the company you are asking for. Due to the preparatory work (removing wallpaper, leaching of the walls,.) to planned upstream. We recommend that you choose an estimate made from the total surface. To establish his estimate, the professional adds up the surfaces to painted. (ceiling + wall) and applies a price per SQ FT.

  • 20 to 30 AED per SQ FT for painting the walls
  • 30 and 40 AED SQ FT for the ceilings (because they must a little more work).

Price example: for the complete painting of a rental of 60 SQ FT (total area of 183 SQ FT): AED 4,622 (or approximately AED 25 / SQ FT).

What is the Duration of the Painting Work?

It all depends of course on the size of the rented property. The bigger it is, the longer it will be. In any case, any painting work requires the following steps: no wall can be repainted directly if it is dirty or in poor condition (cracks, small holes, etc.).

Here are the Essential Steps to Paint an Apartment

  1. Washing the walls
  1. Make plaster if there are holes
  1. Sand to smooth walls
  1. Apply a coat of adhesion or printing paint (special paint undercoat,) on a clean and dry surface
  1. Provide two coats of paint

Depending on the surface of the apartment. The cleaning part can done in 1 or 2 days. (depending on the condition of the walls plus drying time). Then count at least 1 or 2 day for the undercoat (painting + drying), then 2 or 3 days for the actual painting. Timing: allow a week to have a 40 SQ FT apartment repainted

Matt, Satin or Gloss Which type of Paint to choose?

The undercoat or bonding primer?

This allows to get a perfect finish. Before the application of a paint, the installation of a wallpaper or any other type of coating.It is recommended to provide an undercoat for an optimal painting of your apartment. Average price on the market: from 20 to 100 AED (15 liters)

And for the rest?

Matt: matt paint absorbs light. It is thus perfect for hiding the defects of your walls or ceilings. The matt paint is suitable for living rooms or adult bedrooms. But as it is messy, we do not recommend choosing it for hallways, doors or children’s rooms.

Satin: the ideal compromise between matt and gloss. Satin paints reflect light, are easy to maintain and are perfect for dressing up bedrooms.

Gloss  the gloss reflects the light. It is thus necessary to have a smooth surface (otherwise we see too many defects). washable, the glossy paint is suitable for parts subjected to frequent passages.

Good to know You can mix the different types of chandeliers. (mat, satin or gloss) So to get an intermediate type of finish.

Tip: take a good look at the manufacturer’s recommendations about performance. (area covered with one liter of product), drying time and the number of coats to apply.

Handy Tool: Calculate the number of paint cans needed for your room’s ceiling and walls.

The prices differ according to the brands but on average, it takes 85 AED for a 10-liter pot to paint an area of 100 SQ FT For exceptional paint brands. (exceptional color and brightness) Like Farrow & Ball, prices are soaring. Count around AED 85 for 2.5 liters As you will have understood, the case of rental painting requires a few simple concepts to know. The lessor required to rent housing in good condition. Which does not prevent the tenant from making changes to the walls, choosing sober colors. Maintenance and refreshments during the lease can carried out by the tenant. Subject to an agreement with the owner. The latter can reduce the rent for a while, so that the difference incurred in the cost of the work. The tenant can then do the painting himself, or call on professional services. At Masteos, we have brought together. a team of experts dedicated to fitting out your property, from work to decoration. We redesign each property so on optimize rental income. While allowing the tenant to appropriate the premises. Thanks to a clean and trendy design.