Storage services in Dubai
Owners of commercial premises are sure. That it is expensive to use a carrier to transport things. It’s a delusion:
  • You will have to buy all the packaging material yourself. Employees do not always know. What is exactly needed to protect the check, smooth surfaces, laptops? So trust on Removals in Dubai.
  • Rent a car – more often, freight forwarders send light trucks on a trip to save money. This increases the number of flights. So it does not allow transporting bulky items, or unassembled furniture.
  • Appoint a person responsible for moving the office. The employee will not agree to do labor-intensive work for free, you need to provide a bonus. we are the cheapest relocation Companies in Dubai

Tasks before moving

To control the safety of the cargo, an unscheduled inventory is necessary. It takes a lot of time and can disrupt the rhythm of the office.


  • Furniture, office equipment, and household items. So easily broken, decorative elements should be numbered & included in the general inventory.
  • Old, unnecessary things. So make a list and send it for recycling so as not to transport the excess, this will free up space in the car, and reduce costs.
  • Carpets – dry-clean, wash.
  • Hire an electrician too, if necessary. To de-energize the premises, remove lighting fixtures, and check the serviceability of sockets.
  • Papers that have expired should be archived and disposed of.

You will have to involve a person who will carry out general cleaning before moving and Storage services in Dubai

At the new location. It is necessary to prepare an area for
the placement of stationary workplaces and furniture. Check in advance the operation of all systems, the presence of communications, their serviceability.
  • Hire a person who can disassemble and then reassemble furniture.
  • Loaders are a big expense, but it’s impossible to check their professionalism in advance. They are often late and do not go to work. Do not have special loading equipment, and refuse to lift heavy objects to the upper floors and Relocation Companies in Dubai
When moving! The responsibility for damage or loss of papers. Things fall on the organizer, and business owner. You won’t be able to make up for the loss.
If you decide not to involve a carrier, follow the moving plan. Analyze the selected dates. Otherwise, there is a risk of not having time to complete the entire event over the weekend. This is a disruption to the office. It will not be possible to receive visitors, serve customers, or hold a business meeting and  Relocation Companies in Dubai

Buy packing material in advance, estimating the volume of things:

  •  Boxes of various sizes.
  •  Cardboard in rolls.
  •  Wrapping paper.
  •  Bags.
  •  Scotch.
  •  The film is stretched, air-bubble.
  •  Stickers.
  •  Boxes.


At least 3 days in advance, order a team of loaders, and suitable transport. You should not be guided by too low prices when choosing them. Complex, painstaking work cannot be underestimated. The team has no experience. The driver does not know the city well and does not follow the rules for transporting goods. we also provide Storage services in Dubai