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Packing Services

At Super Budget Movers we offer a selection of services to our customers so you can choose what best suits you. Not only do you get to choose what you want but our packages are designed to offer you the best value for money. We have been providing household’s packing services in UAE for the last 14 years or so. Our packers are professionally trained in preparing your goods whether you move locally, nationally or an international destination and understand that they are handling your most valued possessions.

Packing services in UAE

Using specially designed materials means that we will pack your possessions safely and protect them in transit. Choose from our range of packing and unpacking options to make your move time-efficient and hassle-free.

Full Packing Service

Packing your household items is the most stressful, endless and tedious aspect of your move. If you want to take this stress off your hands, why not let Super Budget with it matchless packing services in UAE to fully pack everything in your home. We pack smaller items into our specially designed removal boxes whilst for larger items we do the careful wrapping for extra protection. We also dismantle and reassemble up to two furniture items free of charge.

Unpacking Service

For many of our customers, after a long and tiring removal, the last thing they want to do is unpack all their items. We aim to cater our services to match your every need and that is why at Super Budget Packers and Movers, we have designed our unpacking service to make your settlement in your new home instant.

We offer two unpacking services:

1. Unpacking Onto Surfaces Only

You may not have decided exactly which drawers, cupboards etc you want your items to be unpacked into. So with this service, we unpack your items only onto the surfaces. Kitchen items are unpacked onto kitchen surfaces; china onto the dining room table; bedding and clothing onto beds and so on. We will also remove all empty boxes and debris from your property to leave your home clutter free.

2. Unpack and Put Away Service

If you are well organized and know exactly where you’ll unpack the things, then this unpacking service is ideal for you. We will work out in advance where the contents of every box or item will go to your new home and label it precisely. Also, our team will unpack and ensure that all your items are in their correct places. Again we will also remove empty boxes and debris from your home and leave you ready to settle in. This service is extremely personalized and requires your instruction throughout.

Fragile Packing Service

If you are happy to pack your own belongings but don’t want to handle delicate items, let Super Budget, providers of the best packing services in UAE to pack your fragile and breakable items such as kitchen china, glassware, mirrors, pictures, and ornaments. Our expert movers in Dubai will pack and deliver items to your new home with the utmost care and attention.

Fragile Unpacking Service

With this option, we only unpack your fragile items onto your surfaces.

Self Packing

If you prefer to do things at your own leisure and want to pack your items yourself, Moving Home Company can provide you with the necessary packing materials prior to your move. Please note that if you select this packing option, Super Budget Movers are unable to accept liability for loss or damage to self-packed items; please refer to our insurance cover for further details.

Self Unpacking

You take the responsibility for unpacking all of your items. We will give you six weeks to unpack, in which time you can give us a call to arrange boxes to be collected from your new home. Alternatively, you can also drop them back to us.

Overseas Export Wrapping

For overseas transportation of your household and personal items, we use a specialized method of wrapping and packing. So we ensure the safe arrival of your goods to your destination. Export wrapping requires all furniture and prized possessions to expertly wrapped and packed with high quality and special exporting material. We name this special thing as bubble blanketing where we also utilize a combination of durable cotton and plastic bubble wrap. At Super Budget Movers, we know that long distance haulage can be turbulent and we do our best to ensure that your goods are well protected in the process. Additionally, we provide a coating service for specialized items such as pianos, artwork, plasma televisions etc.

Comprehensive Package

Our comprehensive package is a unique service allowing you the opportunity to sit back and let us do all the hard work, and takes care of every aspect of your move.


We are the only removal company in UAE to offer efficient, professional and reliable domestic cleaning services.


Feeling frustrated about removal tasks?. Also, you would like someone to take over those frustrating little odd jobs?. Don’t worry our handymen are here to complete those finishing touch.

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